Side meetings


5 June 2018: Getting the Message Across: A Practicum in Visualisation

6 June 2018: Morbidity compression, morbidity expansion, and dynamic equilibrium: conceptual considerations and new findings

7 June 2018 (7:30AM to 9:00AM): Population Europe Board of Directors (Meeting of the representatives of Population Europe’s partner institutes)


Use the environment of this major international conference for a meeting to engage in scientific exchange. A side meeting offers you the opportunity to organize a working group meeting with other colleagues who also participate in the conference.

Side meetings can only take place outside the times of the scientific conference program, on Monday 4, Tuesday 5 and Wednesday 6 June 2018 between 9AM and 5PM.

If you are interested in organising a side meeting, please contact the conference coordinator.

Please, provide the following information in your e-mail:

  • Title of the meeting
  • Brief description of the purpose of the meeting
  • Meeting organiser (name + contact details)
  • Estimated number of attendees
  • Preferred date, time and duration
  • Meeting room set-up (classroom style, U-style, etc.)
  • Equipment requirements (projector, microphone, etc.)
  • Catering required? Coffee, water, etc.? Sandwich lunch?
  • Other?